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packages for ubuntu 6.10

I am a newbie to installing linux. I have installed ubuntu 6.10 on my sata disk after many unsuccessful attempts with debian. I want to compile a driver for network card. It requires some files like make gcc etc. But the files /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/

Kopete in Xubuntu??

Is it possible to use kopete in Xubuntu as when I use Add/Remove to install it, I see where it says unable to initialize gnome-frontend whatever that means. So what else do I need besides just installing Kopete?

Ubuntu Thunderbird newsreader password

Can you connect to a news server in Thunderbird if the server requires a username and password? I can't seem to find the setting anywhere? Am I being dim?

Why is Ubuntu freezing and acting strange on my computer?

O.K., I installed whatever version has the long term support (too lazy to look). And when I first start up and get to the log-in screen whenever I press a key it inputs like a thousand of that character and then freezes for a few seconds, it does thi

Ubuntu Default action

Hello I have a warcraftII cd. It is music anda data cd. Everytime i put the cd, it asks me if i want to mount it as data or music. One time, i was typing in GAIM and the window poped up, and i maked audio cd, and remember choice. So now it mount only

Ubuntu etc/apt

Hi, I seem to have stuffed up my etc/apt/sources list with installing automatix2. Here is my sources list. Can someone tell me how to adjust the list so that automatix2 will work. I should add, that whatever I have done, prevents synaptic from runnin

Ubuntu amd dual-core cpu funniness

Under the system monitor it shows only one cpu. I remember under dapper that it had an icon for both cpus and showed their individual load. Did my install somehow only pickup and utilize on cpu? Ubuntu 6.10 Epox 9npa+SLI x2 3800 2x1gb ddr400 cas 2236

Oracle Need sql query to get the output from two table

I think i need to precise my doubt in more easy way since i didnt get any responce of my last post. anyway with few sample data and small scenario i hope i may get some help from u all guys. here is table description. sql> select * from req; reque

SQL server manager equivalent for Linux/Ubuntu?

Hello I'm a Linux/Ubuntu semi newbie (been using it seriously for a year or so..) and I'm looking to make the permanent move from XP to Ubuntu. I am 98% there, I just need to find some utils that I cant do without since they are major components in m


Hi I am having problems running vmware-mui on ubuntu 6.10 64-bit. When i try to run /usr/lib/vmware-mui/apache/bin/httpd.vmware i get the error: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directo

Debian Sid on Xubuntu?

I am interested in installing a program called wxDownload Fast (, and it has a Debian Sid Binary Package available. If I'm not mistaken the (K/X)Ubuntu Operating System has some connection with Debian... should I just in

Oracle How to find MGP current status: running or not

Hi We have a system that is making automatic changes to publication items/user subscription parameter values/ users access to applications/ applications etc on Mobile Server, based on our system changes. We have a class that among other is stopping t

Oracle SQL Query Parameter

i have a query the output look like this.. PRODUCT---------------ITEM-----------------GRADE DP50---------------------NULL--------------------K NULL---------------------A54----------------------L NULL---------------------X56----------------------L NUL

Ubuntu Ntfs write support installed by default?

I read the 13 things you should do after installing ubuntu article, one of which is installing ntfs-3g. Ubuntu found and mounted my ntfs directories right off the bat. Is it necessary to install 3g or is it already installed or what?

Ubuntu firefox tab problem

I hate to post this stupid problem since I know it's gotta be something I'm doing that is gonna be real easy to fix but here goes. I am using firefox and everything works fine...except the tabs. I can do the tabs just fine but when I click a

Ubuntu Weird Theme problem

when i install a theme, the theme manager tells me it installed correctly but the theme is no where in theme preferences, i checked my .Themes folder and they're in there. Any suggestions?


We need to migrate our database from MSSQL to Oracle and we have over 100 stored procedures written in PL/SQL. I know its a long shot, but has anybody ever successfully used an automatic migration tool to do the work? I've seen some tools on the web,

Ubuntu Strange Nvidia GLX problem with beryl

I have another Nvidia glx related problem. I noticed this, because i am running beryl. I installed fresh nvidia drivers, and glxinfo saig that direct rendering was enabled. Also nvidia-settings showed all the info. But after the next boot, direct ren

Ubuntu Strange behaviour of the /usr/bin/network-admin

Today the network-admin in my system strange acts. When I start it, instead of opening the program, starts the Bug Buddy and scans my system, after that I get the following error message: "Memory status: size: 32739328 vsize: 0 resident: 32739328 sha

Ubuntu Writing on external harddrive

When connecting my external harddrive which first was used under Windows, ubuntu identifies it as write-protected. How can I change this in order to be able to use the drive under either system for both reading and writing?