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One Search Engline 3 million Tech Posts, 15 Million Tech Replies

Transmiting a structure using Winsock

How do I use sendto() to send a structure over the net? I tried reinterpret_cast, and (char *), but it still wouldn't work.

Oracle question: another schema validation mistery

I've used the search throughout the forum and have found couple of threads covering the topic. Unfortunately, I still have too little information about it. Say, I have a working container along with several documents in it. Allow validation option is

Ubuntu [8.10] Authentication failed.

whenever I try to update to 8.10 via the Update Manager, I get this error. any ideas why?

ubuntu -Gparted not recognising the partitions.

i have a dell m1530 laptop and want to have a dual boot -(xp and ubuntu). I installed xp. while installing ubuntu gparted is showing the entire disk as an unallocated block. i tried testdisk. but it is showing all the partitions correctly... Disk /de

Ubuntu 8.10 installation impossible - kernel bug ?

As my upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10 failed (see I decided to do a fresh install, because I need a full working system. And I am really surprised, that it is impossible to install 8.10 on my system - as i

Ubuntu NFS won't automount after upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10

folks. Recently upgraded to Ibex from Heron, and before my two NFS shares being served from an ArchLinux machine would automount on boot. But after upgrading they doesn't automount. Can't see anything during the boot messages explaining the NFS not a

Oracle Averaging Columns (by months of the year)

Running Oracle 9i I have this query which takes fields: ID, Date, and Data and performs a crosstab (matrix) query which has the day column, the 12 months, and the total for each day. I have been trying to add averaging for each month at the bottom of

recv returning WSAEOPNOTSUPP error

I would like to use tcp connection to get some data from a client. I tried to use the following: bytesReceived = recv(client,&CODE,1,MSG_WAITALL); I figured that the recv will wait until it gets 1 byte before falling through but instead I get the

need explanation about TCP daytime client

Can anyone explain to me all this code line by line and wat is the uses of all the parameter for?I am just a begginer,and this code i took from 1 text book and I not really understand. I already try search internet to find the definition more than 1

Miscellaneous Threading Questions...

Want to use a worker thread for some heavy processing. The idea is to start a thread on exit of the property sheet (dialog) with many property pages seting up the user params ... - best to start the thread before DoModal() or after? - how can you pas

Ubuntu Digikam with KDE4 tries to remove Gwenview?

I've installed Ubuntu 8.10 from live CD and then installed KDE4 from the following repo: intrepid main Now I wanted to install Digikam, but the only version that shows up in Synaptic tries to unins

Oracle ORA-00093: _shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc must be between 4000 and 0

I have upgraded database from 8i to 10G rel 2 and now attempting to use automatic shared memory management in oracle 10G, but having set the sga_target value getting this error ORA-00093: _shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc must be between 4000 and 0 and

Ubuntu synaptic package manager fails to launch...

Brace yourselves, I'm a complete noob to linux. Just had a clean install of Ubuntu 8.10 installed on this ol' Sony notebook of mine. All seemed to be fine till I try installing updates. The updates fail to install with no error message. after asking

Thread Program: From console app to Windows System Tray app

I have multi-thread program as a console application. The program runs fine as it is. But i am trying to convert it to windows application with system tray icon so that in the system tray i have an icon and i will be able start and stop gracefully. I

Multithreading - work and ownership

This is a newbie multithreading question. I have some code below (this is not working code, just an example I wrote here to help explain my question). I have 2 threads. Thread A instantiates a class called WorkerClass. Thread B calls a compute intens

Very basic question about C++ threading

In my game, I am working on a part that will probably freeze up the game while it begins. So I would like to launch that bit of code as a separate thread. In java I know how to launch a new thread. What is the technique or syntax for launching a new

Oracle what are the names of schemas ?

I installed the oracle 8i and then removed the users (system,scott) .... and then create another user ...... but the problem that I forget the name of that user that I created it ...... and I can't remember it ....... so can anyone tell me the way th

threads and sleep

I read in another thread that using sleep or usleep causes not only one thread to sleep, but the whole program. Is there an alternative way to make just the one thread its called from sleep instead of the whole program?

MPI and static variables

There is some function call f(); between MPI_Init(); and MPI_Finalize(). This function has some static variable x. Do i understand right that each thread will have its own copy of x, and these copies are not correlated? So, the static works for the l

Cache In Multicore Programming

Cache is memory placed between the processor and main system memory (RAM). While cache is not as fast as registers, it is faster than RAM. It holds more than the registers but does not have the capacity of main memory. Cache increases the effective m