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One Search Engline 3 million Tech Posts, 15 Million Tech Replies

Ubuntu Flash drive installation problems

I used the guide from here: and was able to make (I think) make a flash drive correctly, however I'm still having problems. I'm having trouble verifying it as my main deskto

Oracle Single table recovery

Is it possible to recover a single table in oracle instead of the entire database? We lost all of our data in just one table by mistake. Please let me know..

Ubuntu How do I install kernel headers/source?

I'm getting errors while installing this (, so it says to install the kernel headers/source.

Problems installing Flock in Ubuntu 7.10

Why do I keep getting this error message when I try to install Flock. These instructions are from the Flock web site. Bob [email protected]:~$ tar -C /home/rag -xzvf flock-1.0.3.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz tar: flock-1.0.3.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz: Cannot o

oracle directory filling up

I have inherited an oracle server that's hosting a pretty large network management system. The oracle install directory on this server is filling up and causing problems. What can i safely delete on this? I have read that the trace files and the file

Oracle DATA_NOT_FOUND error

I have several cursors in my script. If one of my cursor hit a data not found error, can i catch an exception for it and it will specify which cursor had hit the error?

OpenStandard ICQ,AOL

My name is Ashod Apakian, I am a 26 yo programmer from sydney Australia. I am happy to say that a new OpenStandard ICQ/AOL clone messaging system will be launched in the next 6 weeks for all to use for free. That means any programmer who uses our eas

Oracle PDF Format EXPORT in 3.0 vaesion is it posssible, or is there any solution

Suckup, is it possible to convert a file into PDF format OR Expot into PDF format in APEX 3.0 or is there any alternative..... Do help me its urgent, quick responce will be appreciable........... Thanks Suri Edited by: user634694 on Aug 30, 2008 3:25

Ubuntu Errors on install cd

I'm tring to play with gOS on my laptop. I've downloaded the iso, checked the md5, and burned at the lowest speed possible. I've made three disk and they all have errors in two files. When I try to boot I make it to "Loading Gnome Desktop" and then t

Ubuntu Down to 3 issues ..

I'm running 7.10 64-bit and I've tried all the methods in other threads to fix it, but I can't get it to resume from sleep/suspend. It comes back on after I hit the power button and comes to a white screen and then .. nothing until a hard reset. Seco

Ubuntu Root help and new user help

I have just installed this OS and my sound card dose not work. I found a forum post that explains my problem and how to fix it. But i cant Write in the file i need to because it is READ ONLY.... I have

Invitation to a new discussion on "Why Software Is So Bad?" !

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen of CodeGuru boards! I was wandering around on which is a sister site to CodeGuru, and i stumbled upon a series of articles regarding the quality of modern software. Entitled "All Source Code Should Be

where to next with my site?

I was wondering whether anyone could give me some advice on where to go next with my site (MEI Online ( )? I have hand coded the whole site, teaching myself HTML and lately, CSS. I have used Javascript and DHTML, but I have no

Ubuntu Help wtih resolving broken dependencies

I type in sudo apt-get install -f ...and the terminal returns [email protected]:/usr/bin$ sudo apt-get install -f Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Correcting dependencies... Done The following extra

Independant Programmers

I've been trying to break into the programming industry for years, with very little success. I've sent my resumes to countless databases; tried to network with other programmers (who, due to the current economic downturn, have been guarding their kno

Ubuntu compiz on xfce

keep it simple I installed xfce on top of ubuntu and am having problems with gnome so I am deciding to switch I used wubi so I in a virtual partion I want compiz how do put in on xfce without any code editing

Oracle Range partition by a virtual column derived from XMLTYPE

I want to create table and partition it by interval partion (range partition) on a virtual column which is derived from XMLTYPE i get ora-14513 error. create table dicom_archive_virtual ( id integer not null primary key, parent_id integer, -- where t

ALL About vc++

all VC++ champs, I am a fresher and recently joined vc++ developers community. 1.I want know how better is a career in VC++? What path should i choose in order that i make my career successful. Its so much vast in here .. better is VC++? compar

Need help for creating a testing plan document

I've been testing an application for some months now, and i have to write a document so that people can read it and test the application. I know what i have to write about, but are there any models for such documents? I never wrote anything like that

ubuntu gutsy: won't shut down gracefully

If I start the system, and then log in, and immediately try to shut down, or log out, I can. If I wait a while, and then about 5 minutes later, try to shut down... the system freezes, and eventually reboots. What could the problem be?