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One Search Engline 3 million Tech Posts, 15 Million Tech Replies

Calendar Widget

I am trying to incorporate a calendar when to user double click on the date field in the form and returning the selected date from the calender back into the field. Any help is very much appreciated.

Using format with numeric values in a printer report

Printing a numeric value using Format commad, How can i make that the program prints the value Right to Left. Example ---colum--- 29.99____ = This is the way that prints ____29.99 = this is the way i want to be printed ___= equal to spaces Any help a

Program Timer

i'm working on a program were certain funactions/sub routines have to start at different time intervals, say every 10 or 20 min's (the intervals will change consisantly), no forms are to be used, so i guess that rules out the timer control (unless it

Ubuntu what's your pcmcia wfi WPA/WPA2?

My 3com wifi pcmcia card is not not compatible; I have here a lot lists for drivers, chipsets, HWCL, etc (a lot of WEP ) Is there a list of cards? Or feedback your working pcmcia wifi wpa/wpa2 Linux compatible card? I'd like to buy the right one righ

How to make ubuntu ignore a hard disk?

One of my two hard drives apparently has bad sectors, which makes ubuntu show a lot of warnings while booting, and to last more than 2 minutes on the boot screen. This disk is a ntfs windows drive which I don't care if ubuntu can't read . I just want

Ubuntu can i just change my harddrive?

so i've been running my server for a long time now and i want to upgrade my hdd from 120gb ide to a new 320gb sata hdd is it possible to ghost the old drive and just put it on the new one and it will all still work ?

Disable Explorer features

Is there a way in VB to disable 'Delete' and 'Rename' features in Windows Explorer, so no file can be deleted or renamed?

HD audio powersave in ubuntu lucid, is it broken ?

guys, since having newly installed lucid everytime I run "powertop" it says my HD audio card is not in powersave mode: An audio device is active 100,0% of the time: hwC0D0 Analog Devices AD1981 Suggestion: enable HD audio powersave mode by executing

Ubuntu Installing apps in different directories

Hi As I run a old eeepg 4g with just 4gb of main hard disc space, I have a 8gb sd card in the slot. So I was wondering is it possible to get the package manager to intall onto the sd card instead of the main hd, space is tight there. Running 10.04 lt

Oracle LOV with Union and Order by Problem

I am trying to create an LOV that unions 11 tables with a common Order by column, however I can't include the order by column in the select statement. It works without the union, but with the union it doesn't recognize the column name. The first quer

Ubuntu on Toshiba Satellite 17.3" Laptop featuring Intel Core Processor i3-330M (L550

Has anyone attempted to install ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite 17.3" Laptop featuring Intel Core Processor i3-330M (L550-00F)? What was the results?

Password Protect Internet Explorer

I just coded a program in vb5 that prompts you for a password. If you enter the correct password then internet explorer will open (going to a default webpage). The problem is that I want my program to open whenever someone tries to access internet ex

Ubuntu Is my cpu to small for smooth video or is it something else

I have a AMD Sempron LE-1250... M

problems with thinkpad t-23 and ubuntu 2.6.32

I had my Orinoco cards and the built in sound card working, before I upgraded. Now, the Orinoco can see networks, but can't connect even to unsecured networks. The sound does play the ubuntu theme, but will not play audio CDs or audio on You Tube. Co

Oracle merge two columns,help

I am trying to merge two columns(col_a,col_b), I want col_a's initial letter and col_b,together put them into col_c. So, my script is: UPDATE table1 a SET col_c = (select substr(col_a,1,1)||col_b from table2 b WHERE a.col_n = b.col_n ); Then I got th

CD Writing from VB Application

We are working on a VB application with MS-Access as our database. we want to provide the facility of selecting the databases from Ms acess and burning them on the CD from our Vb application. all this should happen on a button click, and we don't hav

microsoft odbc for oracle

i am trying to connect oracle procedures with vb6 application and asp. for that i need microsoft odbc for oracle. i installed this driver twice and it shows in the control panel also. but in vb6 as well as asp, when i try to connect, it gives me erro

Ubuntu external dvd writer problems in 10.4

I am running 10.4 on an Asus UL 30A ultralite and have a Samsung external DVD SE-S084 (which has no drivers for linux) it worked once - reading a disc of music but when I ejected it the drive went into high speed and didn't stop and the screen told m

Ubuntu Thinkpad T60 fixes - 10.04 & 10.10

I was thinking about starting a topic, describing my fixes for my IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop with ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 as well. Just installed 11.04. Everything works as below: Scrolling with trackpoint: -install gpointing-device-settings and set it u

Saving an excel file as a txt file using active X

I am writing a program that must do the following........... 1. Open an excel file (.xls) 2. Amend the file 3. Save the file as a tabbed text file At present (using activex) steps 1 nd 2 work corectly, and i can save as a .xls document but the proble