Ubuntu log reader

  • 2012-04-30 11:04

    Ubuntu Log Reading Script

    Quick question. I know it's real easy, but I still haven't gotten my way around scripting entirely. I might put this in Absolute Beginner talk, but... I dunno where it belongs honestly, and I'm running a personal server so I'm putting it here for now

  • 2017-07-15 13:45

    Ubuntu log reader

    I'm looking for a command line tool that does a good job of following logs. I run squid and apt-proxy, and whenever logrotate cleans up the logs, I have to restart "tail" to continue following the log. Is there any tool I can use that automatically d
  • 2012-10-15 20:51

    Ubuntu GUI Log Reader for Qmail Logs

    I'm very new to the Ubuntu and Linux areas and I wanted to know if anyone can point me in the direction of a good Qmail log reader that is GUI based and easy to use and setup...
  • 2015-05-24 17:38

    Ubuntu Pidgin : Log Reader plugin with aMSN

    I would like to know if anybody succeeded to use Log Reader plugin for Pidgin (2.5.2 Intrepid repositories version and also with 2.5.4 from GetDeb) in order to read aMSN logs, or can help me to do so. I tried the default setting for the "Log folder":
  • 2012-01-07 10:51

    ubuntu logs out and I have to reboot....

    ubuntu logs out and I have to reboot to get back into the system. This is mildly annoying. I looked in the system logs and they said something about gconfd not reading or somthing. I could not log back in and had to reboot two or three times now. Thi
  • 2013-03-29 05:04

    Apps close randomly and ubuntu logs out randomly

    I just installed Ubuntu 7.04 and installed the updates... I was using Gaim and Opera, and gaim closed randomly. While googling a possible solution, ubuntu logged out, leaving me at the log in screen. I logged in again and opened opera trying to find
  • 2013-10-28 15:10

    Ubuntu log.smbd INTERNAL ERROR

    I am getting the following log from log.nmdb after simplifying the smb.conf as much as possible: [2005/03/06 06:25:04, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(36) ================================================== ============= [2005/03/06 06:25:04, 0] lib/fault
  • 2015-03-02 05:46

    Ubuntu please read, display problem

    i just installed hardy heron on my laptop, i have a gateway mx3210, which has a via unichrome pro IGP vn800 VIDEO CARD... i currently dont have it online because its got a broadcomm wifi card, i bet the ethernet works but i havent tried yet, in 7.10
  • 2012-01-22 12:39

    Oracle ORA-00333: redo log read error block 65538 count 8192

    I wanted to alter user hr's password, but I couldn't open the database first. What should I do? Here is my demo: Thank you for your response. ******************************* C:\>sqlplus /nolog SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Sun May 16
  • 2012-01-25 16:18

    Ubuntu Log In Failure

    I am a newbie to Ubuntu and have installed Wubi on my desktop computer. While playing around with various applications I sometimes manage to freeze a screen. As per a suggestion provided on this forum I tried the cntr+alt+F2 key. What I was presented
  • 2012-03-30 09:53

    Ubuntu battery reading

    I recently had a peek at the battery information for my laptop's battery and I got some odd figures. "Product: 900 Status: Discharging Percentage charge: 79.0% Vendor: ASUS Technology: Lithium ion Serial number: Model: 900 Discharge time: 5 hours Cap
  • 2012-06-14 14:07

    Ubuntu Log files for suspend/hibernate

    Please can anybody tell me which ubuntu log file records when a suspend happened? I was ssh'ing into my ubuntu box periodically yesterday, when I discovered that it was no longer reachable. On getting home last night I discovered that it was still sw
  • 2012-06-22 00:37

    Ubuntu Log-In Screen comes out when accessing a site on Firefox 3

    The weirdest thing just happened. Everytime I load the site below, the Ubuntu log-in screen comes out. http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_add_extra_repositories The system doesn't even restart or reload. That log-in screen just flashes
  • 2012-08-21 00:36

    Oracle Job Status=Initialization Error Command:Output Log Read timed out

    I get the following notification as a job output I'm not sure where to look as I just see 'read timed out' as the error?what do you mean by this.Thanx. ob Name=TABLESPACE USAGE INFO PROD Job Owner=SYSMAN Job Type=SQL Script Target Name=MTAX Target Ty
  • 2012-08-26 10:15

    mp5 player attached but ubuntu cant read

    my mp5 player is attached but ubuntu cant read here is my dmesg : 0 ANSI: 0 [21101.497025] scsi 3:0:0:1: Direct-Access RockChip USBDISK SD 1.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 [21101.504500] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] 15953920 512-byte hardware sectors: (8.16 GB/7.60 GiB) [211
  • 2012-09-25 07:23

    What is the Process for Getting Ubuntu to Read and Write off of a HFS+ Partition?

    What is the process for getting Ubuntu to read and write off of a HFS+ partition?
  • 2012-09-30 21:15

    Ubuntu Log in with correct password only system loops

    I have an interesting problem - I can enter my name and password only to see the screen go black, a flash of white text (which also looks like a log in)appears for a fraction of a second and then the Ubuntu log in screen reappears asking me to log in
  • 2012-10-01 21:56

    Ubuntu card reader does not work

    what should i do so ubuntu can read my sd card?
  • 2012-10-08 09:45

    Ubuntu Log of deleted files?

    My mother lost an important folder on Ubuntu. She has no idea what happened, it just disappeared. It is not on trash, I searched for the folder and some of it's files using Ubuntu's search, but didn't find it. So my only assumption is that she or som
  • 2012-10-13 15:21

    Ubuntu logs me out when Running Wine

    When i try to run Age of mythology in ubuntu it will fully load and ill here a little bit of the sound from the game. Then my screen will turn black and im back to the ubuntu log-in page THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME, IM REALLY UPSET RIGHT OVER THIS!!! cou